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It all started with M.A.C. Amber Lights eyeshadow. It seems so funny to think of now. That item was the first thing I purchased for my first real makeup kit. Iā€™m not sure what I was thinking. I certainly could have purchased something much more sensible, but it was shiny, it was warm, it was vibrant, and I put it on EVERYONE.

A lot has changed over the past thirteen years since I started doing makeup. My artistry has evolved, I have evolved. I fell in love with weddings, which changed the aesthetic of my work. My heart grew for pure, clean looks that focused on the true beauty of my clients, and healthy, glowing skin held a stronger importance.

Just two years ago, I moved to Oklahoma City from Freeport, Maine. Never have I loved living somewhere more than I do here. After about a year of living in Oklahoma, I made the decision to become an Esthetician. I wanted to continue to grow my career as a bridal artist and I wanted to learn more about the skin. Through school my love of pure beauty evolved and thus came the concept for the Carolyn F. Beauty studio & spa. We are overwhelmed by happiness to have our doors open and to see how this little space brings big change for us.


Carolyn F. Flewelling